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At BMC we deliver regular classes and workshops related to mindfulness, non-violent communication and psychology

We also provide 1:1 coaching, programs for leaders, families and schools, as well as BMC mindfulness coach certification programs for coaches and mindfulness practitioners.

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Shadow and Meditation I: The 'self'

In this first gathering we will explore this idea of self and see if we can glimpse it’s elusive and illusive nature. It eludes us because it’s so hard to see our self; it is an illusion, defined simply as: “a thing that is or is likely to be wrongly perceived by the senses.” Some systems of thought go further and assert that self is an illusion and does not really exist. Self, as a word is used as a noun, pronoun, adjective and verb.

Come prepared to reflect on the self and on yourself and engage in a consideration: what is self, and is ‘it’ real? Who is meditating when one meditates on the self? So many ways to consider, so many selves! Due to the limited time for such a journey, this session will only touch on the self and then leave it to yourself to contemplate further, should you wish. We will begin and end with a short meditation, have a short presentation and discussion throughout, and then you will leave wondering about and perhaps grasping a bit more of your own self. 

Fee: 280 CNY

Members: 220 CNY
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