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At BMC we deliver regular classes and workshops related to mindfulness, non-violent communication and psychology

We also provide 1:1 coaching, programs for leaders, families and schools, as well as BMC mindfulness coach certification programs for coaches and mindfulness practitioners.

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Autumn Kids Camp: Mindful Communication


Thursday 3rd and Friday 4th October 2019, 

9:00am - 16:00pm

Age group: 6 - 9 years old

This two days autumn kids camp is a unique opportunity for your child to explore Mindfulness and NonViolent Communication.


- develop their self-awareness
- be able to express their feelings in a non-reactive way

- be able to hear other people feelings

- develop their socio-emotional skills

Day 1:  Self-awareness (with Dalida and Julia)

What do I think? What do I feel? What do I need?

During this first day, your child will explore mindfulness of his/her thoughts, feelings and needs. He/she will understand better how his/her brain function,  where the emotions come from, and how they feel in the body. We will practice mindful breathing, mindful walking and mindful eating. We will also cover what it means to be aware of other's people emotions, what is kindness and how to be kind to others.

Day 2:  Listening and Expressing (with Julia and Summer)

How can I hear other people emotions, and how can I express yourself at times when I am upset or sad? 

Using the Mindful Communications cards and the No Fault Zone game, your child will get an accelerated course in NonViolent Communication and will experience how it is to share his/her emotions in a non reactive way. He/she will also have the chance to develop his/her empathic listening skills.

Schedule for each day:

9:00 –   9:20 - Opening circle
9:20 – 10:30 - Session 1

10:30 – 10:50 - Break and snacks

10:50 – 12:00 - Session 2

12:00 – 13:00 - Lunch break

13:00 – 15:40 - Outdoor mindfulness (depending on  the weather)

15:40 – 16:00 - Closing circle


2400 yuan per child

2000 yuan per child if more than one child and for BMC members

Included: a Mindful Communication cards deck per child

For more information and registration please click on the link below

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