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At BMC we deliver regular classes and workshops related to mindfulness, non-violent communication and psychology

We also provide 1:1 coaching, programs for leaders, families and schools, as well as BMC mindfulness coach certification programs for coaches and mindfulness practitioners.

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Impermanence: a psychological view

Though we may lament, regret, abhor or try to ignore it at times, anticipate, yearn for and embrace it at others, we know that impermanence is a part of existence. It’s not always we think about, though it is always something we experience…every moment of every day: the inhalation gives way to exhalation; fullness to hunger; eyelids blink and we don’t think and blink, blink, blink to the next eye blink. Impermanence is a feature that structures our life. What can psychological theory contribute to this Buddhist concept expressed long ago by the term anicca in the Pali language? Dr. Theo Cope will host a short presentation and discussion of this theme at the Beijing Mindfulness Center as a way to evoke thought (transient as it might be) about impermanence.

We welcome you to join for a few hours of reflection, rumination, and reverie as the day fades into night.

Presenter: Dr Theo Cope

Class info:

Price: 280CNY

Members: 220CNY


Registration: Fill in via the link below

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