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At BMC we deliver regular classes and workshops related to mindfulness, non-violent communication and psychology

We also provide 1:1 coaching, programs for leaders, families and schools, as well as BMC mindfulness coach certification programs for coaches and mindfulness practitioners.

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Q-Mind Sharing Circle

Deepening skills for communication, conflict resolution, mediation, resilience, self-awareness and emotional stamina.

Often as a LGBTQ person we can feel lonely in our “usual” environment. We suffer from being the minority, and might have learned to cope with that either by submission (think ourselves as less) or rebelling (get angry and fight) against others.

Mindfulness and NVC (Non Violent Communication) can help individuals to assert themselves in a healthy way, out of binary paradigm of submission / rebellion, by building their own self-awareness and resilience and expressing in a way that brings both assertiveness and connection.

Every third Wednesday BMC supports queer and queer friendly members of the community to join the circle of empathy and compassion to find resolve in personal and professional challenges.

This project is part of Q-Mind initiative in collaboration with Q-Space.

Fee: 30CNY or donations (proceeds go to Q-Space)

Register via the link below