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At BMC we deliver regular classes and workshops related to mindfulness, non-violent communication and psychology

We also provide 1:1 coaching, programs for leaders, families and schools, as well as BMC mindfulness coach certification programs for coaches and mindfulness practitioners.

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The Shadow and Meditation II: The Inner Child

Inevitably, in periods of meditation, one confronts aspects of oneself related to memories of the past. Childhood leaves indelible imprints in our mind, structuring it, contributes to the physical sculpting of it through neurological development, and contributes to our unique experience of reality. Contemporary approaches in psychology as well as spiritual practices utilize a notion of an ‘inner child’: a psycho-spiritual image of the individual as a child, with the memories, joys, pains and sadness that one experienced. Though the past is temporally absent from the present, the traces and emotions from this past reverberate in the present and often deeply influences one’s future. Mindful practices can help develop an awareness of the past and one’s inner child, allow mental-emotional space for healing and nurturing of this aspect of the embodied self, and in imagination provide a connection with this past that is echoing in the present.

In this session, we will contemplate this inner child, create a space to open contact, and exchange experiences in order to glimpse how this dimension of our reality impact our shadow and self. As before, a meditation before and after will occur.

Delivered by Dr Theo Cope

Theo A. Cope holds his MA and Ph.D. in Psychology and a B.A. in Gerontology. He is a certified Family Consultant and a Positive Psychotherapist (PPT), with certification granted by the World Association of Positive Psychotherapy in Wiesbaden, Germany. PPT is a trans-cultural therapeutic method, which began in 1968 by Dr. Nossrat Peseschkian. 

In Oct. 2014, Theo began working for International SOS medical group (now Raffles Medical) in Beijing as a Psychologist and Psychotherapist, after collaborating with ISOS in Dalian for many years. He has lived and taught in different regions of China for the past 18 years and written on various themes of psychology and philosophy. He is the author of two books in the field of psychology. He practices mindfulness meditation regularly, uses mindfulness skills professionally and has integrated mindfulness into the topics he lectures on. Theo has given lectures and workshops for international companies in China as well as at international conferences.

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