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“The various tools and materials shared during the course (Coaching Foundations) was very practical and useful to learn about the essentials of coaching techniques.  The inquiry-based exercises helped me shift perspectives, which enabled me to see myself with more clarity as well as to build deeper and yet appropriate relationships.”

Joanna Cheung, Mindfulness coach in training

"NVC course at BMC was truly transformational for me. So simple, so powerful, so foundational, it cuts through the froth, distraction and habits of thought passed down through role modeling in families and cultures, and goes straight to the heart of the matter. I realized I have needs!!! And through the learning, I have been able to connect more fully with those dearest to me. It has helped me understand myself so much better, and has given me a whole new set of tools to use to understand and approach conflict in my most intimate relationships."

Abbie Tonkyn, Mindfulness coach in training

“She (Dalida) has her systematic theory to help you solving the problems, at the same time also provide customized suggestion every time when I bringing my own questions to her.”

Arrow Guo, GM of SMB, Tencent Ads

“Life changing! I joined Mindful Mothers because I wanted to be a better mother to my child. I thought it was the most important thing I could do for him. After a few sessions, I realized that it is the most important thing I can do for myself. I enjoy parenting more, but I also learn to enjoy life and its many challenges more.”

Charlene Ng, mother of a 4 year old

"I love that we have a mindfulness community here in Beijing, brought together by the BMC. The workshops and classes held at the BMC have helped me not only to grasp the basics of mindfulness and meditation, but also to learn how to open up and share my experiences, how to be more connected with myself and with those around, and how to have more compassion towards myself and towards others. I love the sense of community and security that the BMC has created. In the little cosy courtyard, we all come together to share, listen, learn, and grow, and we take that with us into our daily lives, our relationships and daily interactions."

Viorica Barbu, Teacher

“I first came to Dalida with a professional question, but my coaching sessions provided so much more!”

Maika Endo, Founder of

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