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BMC has been working with organizations and schools to support leaders, teachers and team members in becoming resilient, empathic, focused and self-aware. Do you think your organization can benefit from having these traits?

We deliver tailor-made programs to address topics relevant for your organization. Contact us to schedule a talk or a meeting.

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For Leaders

Programs for Mindful Leaders are for individuals and organizations that want to implement mindful culture in their teams. Working with mindfulness means that you are:

  • Open to acknowledge emotions as part of the decision making process

  • Willing to see mistakes as part of the learning and growth

  • Interested to learn how empathy impacts motivation and performance


For Schools

We offer memberships for implementing mindfulness in classrooms and as part of working culture. Membership includes:

  • Online programs with a general overview of the mindfulness practice and how to bring it to personal and professional life.

  • Half-day programs to train leaders and teachers how to implement mindfulness during meetings, when giving feedback or in daily conversations with parents.

  • One-day programs are tailor made programs with aim to enable mindfulness champions to mindfulness as part of organizational culture.