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For the best outcomes coaching sessions are delivered 1:1 (in person or online), typically once a week over 3 to 6 months or longer.

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Every client is creative, resourceful and whole, and a coach uses a variety of tools to bring these forward in assisting each client if fulfilling their potential.

Mindfulness Coaching has two aspects:

1. Mindfulness is a coaching tool which supports awareness for effective decision making and dealing with emotional blocks. During the session we focus on the present moment awareness, connection with the flow of consciousness, somatic sensing, reflective listening, clarifying, etc.

2. Coaching is a tool to support mindfulness practitioners to overcome blocks in their practice and deepen their awareness. During the session we focus on assisting mindfulness practitioners in applied mindfulness: how to live mindfully, how to adjust their practice for deeper mindful states, identify behavioral changes for improved relationships, personal and professional satisfaction, etc.

Sessions are confidential except in situations when a client wants to harm themselves or others (organizations or individuals). Download your Coaching contract on this link.