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We deliver classes and workshops for the mindfulness community, including regular sessions for mothers, conferences and seminars on specific topics such as anger, conflict resolution etc.

In order to ensure an intimate atmosphere, our classes are made for groups between 5 to 15 people maximum.

To register for the recurring classes please check the list below the calendar. To access the link for the workshops click on the title of the class in the calendar field.

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BMC center activities

BMC center activities

Mindful articles, resources

Mindful articles, resources

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Recurring classes


Mindful MONDAY

Every Monday 7:30pm - 9pm

Fee per session: 100CNY/ free for members

At the beginning of every week, we gather to clear the stress of the day and set the tone for the week ahead. Coach Dalida Turkovic supports participants in finding inner resources to connect with curiosity, positivity and compassionate self-observation of their emotional states. Every class is a unique reflection of the present moment.

Mindful Mothers

mindful mother

Every Wednesday 10am - 11:30am

Fee per session: 150CNY/ free for members

The Mindful Mother class provides a safe space for sharing and learning how to implement mindfulness in her role as a mother, a partner and a professional. Through the complexity of her roles, she needs to think on her feet, bring love and kindness in her interactions and yet be mindful of her own needs. Mothers, this class is meant to give you space to put yourself first and find resilience in the present moment.



Every Second Tuesday 5pm - 6pm

Fee per session: Free

This is an online session when Dalida, founder of BMC, answers questions and inquiries about the practice and coaches participants on a personal topic. The sessions are open to beginners and advanced practitioners as well as for those who are curious about mindfulness coaching.

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silent meditation

Once a month we gather for an hour of silent meditation with the guidance of a bell. The sessions are usually at time of the full moon. This session is for you if you would like to:

  • Meditate in a group

  • Experience sitting for 1 hour

  • Meditate with our senior staff Simba the Dog and Joy the Cat who enter deep meditation state once the group settles and we begin to breathe together

Join us if you've been sitting for 30 minutes for more than eight weeks