Certification overview

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Our community needs you!

Are you considering a career transition or have interest in enhancing your own coaching practice by learning how to apply mindfulness in your work? BMC’s founder Dalida Turkovic is offering Mindfulness Practitioner and Mindfulness Coaching certification programs.

Mindfulness Practitioner programs are for those interested to deepen their mindfulness skills (beginners and long term practitioners). These programs are also part of the Mindfulness Coaching certification program.

Mindfulness Coaching certification program is for the members of the BMC community, certified coaches, counselors and experienced mindfulness practitioners. Programs are delivered residentially and online.


By attending BMC certification programs you will

  • Receive the Beijing Mindfulness Centre certificate

  • Advance your mindfulness skills

  • Advance your mindfulness coaching skills by coaching and teaching BMC community members

  • Receive mentorship from Dalida