BMC Coach in residence level 3

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BMC Mindfulness Coach Level 3


Advanced Techniques modules introduce various disciplines that will enable you to go beyond your own and your client’s blocks and traumas. Each module consists of theory and practice sessions. Individual sessions and supervision apply the applicants of the BMC Mindfulness Coach Certification

The Third Level programs are open for registration to all practitioners.

Individual sessions and supervision apply for the attendants of the BMC Mindfulness Coach Certification program:

  • Graduates of the Level 1 and/or Level 2 certification programs

  • Certified coaches who are also mindfulness practitioners

  • Counselors and therapists interested in applying mindfulness and somatic coaching into their practice

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Deep Connections: Non-Violent Communication with Julia Feste

Non Violent Communication is an art of life that invites us to create and maintain authentic and deep relationships with ourselves and with others, through the channel of words, those we create in our head, those that go out from our mouth and those that come into our ears. It is a process that offers the possibility to slow down and change the focus of our daily conversations from “what is wrong” to “what is alive”. This process is based on the three following key assumptions:

- Human beings are naturally willing to contribute from their heart

- All human beings share the same needs

- No matter what we say or do not say, it is to fulfill a need

Session 1: NVC as a way to give and receive empathy 

Session 2: Getting in touch with our divine energy

Session 3: Using role plays to model empathy 

Session 4: From empathy to actions 

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Inner Work: Coaching Through Stress and Trauma with Dalida Turkovic

This a two-day program coaching clients through strong emotions due to stress and trauma. If a client experiences a long term trauma and is on medication the coach is advised to work together with a therapist. However, in coaching, one or two sessions are enough to support the client in overcoming emotional obstacles related to the past so they can continue focusing on the actions needed to achieve their goals. Through the program we cover:

Loving Presence and Self-Compassion

Guilt and Shame

Inner Child


Day 1: Healing

The first day is open for registration to all practitioners.

Day 2: Coaching Practice

The second day is open only for the participants of the BMC Mindfulness Coach certification process. These sessions will focus on the practical coaching tools that are covered during the first day of the program.