BMC Coach in residence level 2

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BMC Mindfulness Coach Level 2

Mindfulness Coaching certification program is for the members of the BMC community, certified coaches, counselors and experienced mindfulness practitioners. Programs are delivered residentially and online.

Level 2 is for:

  • BMC Mindfulness Practitioners

  • Graduates of the Level 1 certification program

  • Mindfulness practitioners of other mindfulness-based programs

  • Certified coaches who practice mindfulness and are interested in applying mindfulness and somatic coaching into their practice

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mindfulness coaching

This program brings two disciplines together and brings insights on the tools and topics that are related to mindfulness coaching. Enrollment is open for mindfulness practitioners who are certified coaches, counsellors and/or therapists as well as graduates of Level 1 BMC programs. This is a two-day residential certification program. We will cover the following topics:

Meditation for Beginners:  Integration of mindfulness in a coaching session; Mindfulness for non-meditators

Mindfulness for Coaching: Integrating mindfulness with coaching tools; Powerful questions for mindfulness coaching

Coaching for Mindfulness: Moving from awareness into action; accountability and commitment to change through mindfulness practice

Mindfulness Coaching: BMC Mindfulness Coaching Model

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Survival is the computing mind’s default operating system which often results in observation of what doesn’t work and where we need to improve. This default negativity will keep us under stress and in alert states, often without a reasonable cause. Mindfulness practice helps us to shift thinking patterns into positivity, curiosity, positivity, gratitude and loving kindness which bring multitude of benefits confirmed through the research in neuroscience.

This is a six weeks program (formerly known as Applied Mindfulness), delivered online. Registration is open for non-certification participants as well.

Week 1 & 2 Themes: Working with mental obstacles

Week 3 & 4 Themes: Body and preserving the energy

Week 5 & 6 Themes: Shifting emotional states