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Mindfulness for beginners by Dalida Turkovic

Mindfulness For Beginners

A book by Dalida Turkovic


"I hope this book becomes a seed to mindfulness practice for each and every one of you. Perhaps you will read it with your children so you can let them know that their attempts at inviting you to play with them are important, and that they should persist. Perhaps you will start to see your own life as play and open up to noticing happiness that is waiting to be discovered.

All you need is to observe ... Now."

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"This is a book for children and adults alike; for anyone who is interested to understand and even practice mindfulness. It is simple, direct, and immediately accessible. Whether picking it up and just looking at one page, or reading cover to cover, it always brings me an intuitive rather than an intellectual understanding. The illustrations are delightful. Every home should have a copy!"

Beverly Howard