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Practitioner - Dalida Turkovic

Mindful Journey

Practitioner: Dalida Turkovic
Times: Mindful Journeys take place throughout the year; please check the Calendar for the next start date.

The practice of mindfulness is an adventure. The Beijing Mindfulness Center invites you to embark on a surprising journey within that will present stunning insights of self-awareness as well as obstacles that will test your patience and persistence. Using a variety of techniques including visualization, personality tests, meditation, and group discussion, we will examine the different parts of self that make up who we are. These companions appear from within, and their thoughts and attitudes can be so powerful that at times it may seem unbearable to sit quietly and pay attention to the present moment.

The journey consists of three parts, with each lasting several hours on weekends and runs over the course of one month:


  1. Book NowMindful Journey 1.0 - The Beginning
  2. Book NowMindful Journey 2.0 - Small Steps
  3. Book NowMindful Journey 3.0 - Engaged Mindfulness

The Mindful Journey is limited to ten participants who come from all walks of life and are at varying stages of their mindful practice, from true beginners to advanced students.

Note: Mindful Journey participants will automatically receive a complimentary BMC monthly pass.


Mindful Journeys are RMB 3000 for each part or can be bought as a package at RMB 8000 for all three parts. Payment plans are available upon request.

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