Upcoming programs at BMC: Coaching, NVC and mindfulness

With spring BMC is getting ready to share new content and bring mindfulness closer to your heart. Upcoming workshops:

-1- Mindfulness Coaching level 1 with Natalia Tabak(Spanish), Monday and Thursday 10am;

-2- Mindfulness at Work with Francois Beusoleil and Dalida Turkovic, March 10th and 11th;

-3- A Point of Choice in Intimate Relationships with Julia Feste and Dalida Turkovic, March 24th and 25th.


Taller de Mindful Coaching para principiantes


Coach ontologica. Licenciada en Psicología con especialización en terapia cognitiva

Formada en Mindfulness y terapias alternativas.

Especializada en temáticas asociadas a la motivación, desarrollo personal y Re orientación vocacional/ profesional



Mindful Communication at Work

We spend the majority of time at work, and most often we hear that communication is the key to efficiency, relationships and fulfillment. However, communication is such a broad term that many get lost in finding the quickest way to tackle it.

CommunicationA two-way process of reaching mutual understanding, in which participants not only exchange (encode-decode) information, news, ideas and feelings but also create and share meaning. In general, communication is a means of connecting people or places. In business, it is a key function of management – an organisation cannot operate without communication between levels, departments and employees.

Business dictionary definition

Mindful Communication is based on the combined practical tools of Mindfulness and Non-Violent Communication.

Mindfulness is a state of mind where we are non – judgmentally aware what is happening mentally, physically and emotionally in the present moment. The practice was initially borrowed from Zen Buddhism, and it gained wider recognition after John Kabat – Zinn applied it in his therapy work with terminally ill patients. Neuroscience research shows many benefits of attaining mindful states: stress reduction, brain neuroplasticity, strengthened immune system, improved relationships, etc. Awareness, curiosity, positivity, gratitude and compassion are central components of formal (meditation) and informal practice (being mindful during daily routines and actions).

Nonviolent Communication (NVC) is a communication process developed by Marshall Rosenberg. It focuses on three aspects of communication: self-empathy (defined as a deep and compassionate awareness of one’s own inner experience), empathy, (defined as an understanding of the heart in which we see the beauty in the other person), and honest self-expression (defined as expressing oneself authentically in a way that is likely to inspire compassion in others).

  • Authenticity 
  • Balance 
  • Powerful collaboration 
  • More productive and fulfilling life 

Time and Date: 10-11th March, 2018, 9am-5pm

Location: the Beijing Mindfulness Centre

Price: 3000rmb / Members: 2,700rmb

François Beausoleil 

François trains, coaches and supports individuals and organizations through- out the world. He brings a strong business and coaching focus to his work. François is highly skilled at helping participants discover and transcend internal and external barriers so that they can live from a more fully empowered state. François’ previous career was as a musician with Cirque de Soleil – he brings creativity and music into the rooms and hearts wherever he shares his work.

He has an MBA from Sherbrooke University in Quebec and has been a Certified Trainer with the Center for Nonviolent Communication since 2008. In 2014, he wrote the book, “The Blame – Free State,” and has been helping people moving out of blame for others and themselves in several countries since then. He recently launched The Blame – Free State Institute.

Dalida Turkovic

With over 20 years of living in China Dalida has a profound insight into key is- sues that corporations face in a fast and ever changing environment. She has worked in the field of management training and consulting since 1995 and in 2002 has founded Small Steps (China) Ltd with aim to assist performance enhance- ment and facilitate change through coaching using holistic approach.

She is a Professional Certified Coach (ICF) as well as Mindfulness, Wellness and Somatic Coach (Mindfulness Coaching School). Her coaching background is in Positive Psychology coaching, NLP and Emotional Intelligence.

In 2015 Dalida founded the Beijing Mindfulness Centre where she coaches clients to fulfill their potential and teaches secular mindfulness classes and workshops. In 2016 she published a book Mindfulness for Beginners, aimed to support parents in mindfulness practice.


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A point of choice in intimate relationships

A Mindful Communication workshop by Dalida Turkovic and Julia Feste

Note: This program is based on Mindful Communication, that combines NVC and mindfulness (if you want to know more about Mindfulness Communication, click Read More at the bottom of the page). You will benefit more from this program if you are familiar with Mindfulness practice and have already attended NVC programs at BMC delivered by Francois Beausoleil  or Julia Feste.

An intimate relationship is a third entity formed once two people connect. With life of its own, this entity constantly shifts between merging and separation. This independent entity, like a treasure map, sometimes leads to magical islands, and sometimes to stumbling blocks and storms.  Once we are able to listen to the other while observing self as we hop from one island to the next, we are able to transform the energy of the storms into an inspiration to build new and solid bridges, release that which is not serving us and make choice about the next island we want to visit.

Dalida and Julia will take you on a journey of discovery of how A point of choice in intimate relationships will help you to:

  • Develop a mindful observation of how you react to triggers
  • Reach out for first aid responses when you are not in capacity to make clear choices
  • Improve your empathetic skills to non-verbal cues
  • Look at the other person’s island while remaining connected with yourself
  • Expand global awareness in your relationships
Workshop Content

Day one: Finding the point of choice in relationships

  • Observing our habitual responses
  • Strengthening the observer

Day two: Acting from the point of choice

  • The choices of action
  • The dance of choices

Time and Date: 24-25th March, 2018, 9am-5pm

Location: BMC

Price: 3000rmb / Members: 2700rmb

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