Learning by Doing, Mindful Adventure

July was quite a fulfilling month for me. I did my first presentation in English for a group of 100 people, and gave my first class in Chinese to a group of 20 people. During the whole process I learned so much about life and myself.

I remember when I was asked to do a presentation at the end of June. I had so much fear and anxiety, and was not sure if I could do it. However, because I believed in the power of mindfulness, I was more curious than scared, had enough courage to show my vulnerability and give myself a chance.

Giving talk

So much growth has happened in me since then.

At first I did not know what to talk about. A day passed, and I learned I probably had too much to talk about. Then from the third day, the process of “letting go of all that I knew” started.

Since then, I realized that letting go is actually what mindfulness is about. To let go of the past and future, so I can connect in the present moment; to let go of wanting to express what I know, so I can connect with the audience to deliver what they want to hear; to let go of the thought of “this is about me, this is my show”, but know “it is not about me, it is about the audience”; to let go of the data and memory that I never did anything like that before, instead, to trust that I have enough light right from my heart to shine bright….


To let go, and TRUST!

Meditation time

Speaking of letting go, here I’d like to share with you what I shared with the crowd yesterday:

A client asked me at the end of our session one day: “Coach, how can I let go?” I smiled and said: “You see, I have this pen in my hand, right? So how can I let go of it? What’s the first step?” She said:” I need to have enough strength to put it down, it requires strength.” “Look into it more and what’s the earlier step?” After some silence, she answered: “You need to know that you have a pen in your hand.”

Group sharing

“You need to know that you have a pen in your hand”. 

For things and people that we are attached to, isn’t it the same?! We need to know that we are holding onto them first, just like I needed to know I had a pen in my hand. Then it comes the strength part, however, it takes practice, and strength doesn’t just come from one day of trying. When things happen in life, it’s probably too late to nurture the strength then, instead, we need to practice in daily life in order to have enough strength to let go of the emotional attachments when things happen unexpectedly in life. Just like when we learn a new instrument, we want to perform in front of 1000 people one day, it takes practice. The saying says it takes 10 years of practice in order to perform on stage for 3 minutes. It’s the same for mind training. One day when we have the enough strength to finally let go of the pen, we realize oh, wow, there’s so much space, so we can use our hand to pick up perhaps a piece of paper, a cup, a pencil… Then realize “wow I have so many choices”. That’s when we can make the conscious and healthier choice. This is what mindfulness is about, to be aware, to let go, to know you have choices and make the conscious choice. ”

It was a wonderful class yesterday. I gave a talk, we did some meditation and played a mindful walking game. It was a lot of fun with peace and inspirations. At the end of the class, people were so excited and eager to share as if they discovered a new land on earth. I felt so inspired and really happy for them.

One month has passed since the day I was asked to do a presentation. Today I feel creative, resourceful and quite confident to deliver talks and classes.

Deep bow and thank you, the power of mindfulness.

Peace and joy,

Cassie Kang

Mindful walking game

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